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  One Light of Love

Psychic mediumOver 40 years experience
Detailed & Specific

Channel your Spirit Guides, passed loved ones
Questions and clarifications answered

By Phone, or in Ojai, Ca
805.280.2560 or

$160.00 hour Reading
Accept Credit Cards, and cash

No session longer than needed..$2.67 per minute

Psychic since birth, a near death experience that I had at aged 4 augmented my abilities exponentially. I came in to this life with a profound sense of a Divine Source of Universal Love (God). When I was a teenager, a woman approached me and said she was Guided to train me to do readings, if I so desired. She turned out to be Iris Burroughs, a well known reader from England. She also introduced me to her mentor, George Daisley- another well known Medium. They taught me to work with Tarot cards- simply as symbols that the Spirit Guides like to use, psychometry, channeling, and clairaudience.
I believe that we all have a purpose in this life and that our Guides help us find it. They are also very practical and predictive when it comes to day to day matters, as well.  
Ordained Minister
A Course in Miracles
Spiritual Counseling
Spiritual Awakening

Officiates Wedding, Funerals, Baptisms, Ceremonies
Your Guides give practical information on issues like relationships, finances, jobs, moves, travels, resentments, forgiveness, releasing patterns, adopting patterns, conflict resolution, gratitude, love. They discuss whatever you wish to discuss.
Spirit Guides give clear instructions about how to bring peace, love, and abundance into your life. How to release old negative patterns, and embrace what they see coming your way!


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